14 year old arrested with live 12 gauge cartridge in school bag


A West Coast Berbice teenager is in police custody for questioning after he was found with a 12 gauge cartridge in his school bag on  Tuesday, February 07, 2017.

The young man of Waterloo, Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice (W.C.B) who is attending a Public Secondary School was taken to the police in connection with an accident involving the teen that occurred last year.

News Room was told that the teenager, his mother and a probation officer had to report to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Fort Wellington Police Station in connection with the accident when it was required that he be searched.

During the visit to the CID, they all were asked to sit on a bench in the building and a search was conducted on the 14-year-old’s school bag where the officer discovered a live 12 gauge cartridge in a pocket of the haversack.

The teen was told of the allegation, caution and arrested. However, he disclosed that he found the item.

He is presently in police custody pending further investigations.

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