UPDATE!! 8 arrested including owner of abandoned motorcycle following shooting of phone card vendor


By Royan Abrams


The number of persons implicated in the shooting to death of a phone card vendor at Adventure on the Corentyne has risen to to eight, one of whom is claiming to be the owner of the motorcycle but told police that the bike was stolen from his yard last week.

The men were picked up at various locations along the Corentyne.

According to an investigator, the police in Berbice searched the home of one of the men arrested and found a small calibre weapon with two matching rounds in a room similar to that of which was used to kill 35 year old Danian Jagdeo of Williamsburg Corentyne Berbice who was at the time of his death  transacting business at a shop at Adventure on the Corentyne.

The source also added that a post-mortem examination was done on Jagdeo’s remains and the result shows that he died from shock and hemorrhage from gunshot wounds. Two warheads were also extracted from his body.

Joel Soman who is the owner of the shop where the shooting took place told the News Room that at about 15:45 hours yesterday (Wednesday February 8, 2017) Jagdeo had just visited his shop and was transacting business with his wife when a lone gun on a motorcycle entered the shop and held a gun towards Jagdeo while demanding cash.

News Room was told that at the time of the incident Jagdeo had a haversack which the gunman took before firing several shots towards him after which he escaped on his motorcycle.

After the police were called in, they conducted a search and found the motorcycle the gunman used abandoned at Friendship Village further up the Corentyne with a bogus registration number.

Investigations are ongoing.

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