Family of taxi driver who impregnated teen seeking settlement; Teen’s father refuses

By Royan Abrams

Days after discovering that his 14-year-old daughter was impregnated by a 30-year-old taxi driver, the New Amsterdam father says he want his daughter and the child to be looked after by the taxi driver.

The man made this disclosure during an interview with media operatives earlier today (Friday, February 10, 2017) at his home. He added that the family of the taxi driver is begging for a settlement and he feels that the 30-year-old taxi driver should stand responsibility to take care of the teenager and the unborn child.

“The doctor and the police told us that we cannot do abortion on the girl because it will be a fifty-fifty chance of survival because of her age, so let him take full responsibility of the child and the girl” the father added.

According to the teen’s father, his daughter never told him that she was raped or forced to have sex but instead, she recalled that they both decided to engage in the act.

Earlier in the week, the News Room was told that the ‘B’ Division Criminal Investigations Department are investigating an alleged rape which was committed against a 14-year-old school girl between December 1, 2016 and December 2, 2016 by a taxi driver.

News Room understands that although the incident took place last year, the teen was discovered pregnant by her mother on Monday, February 06, 2017.

According to information reaching the News Room, the suspect lives a couple of houses away from the victim.

A police source recalled that based on information they received from the victim’s mother, at about 11:45 hours she noticed that after the teen would finish having meals she would vomit consistently.

The victim’s mother told ranks that she became suspicious and decided to purchase a home pregnancy kit and conducted a test on the teenager following which the result indicates that she was pregnant. She was then taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where an examination proved that she was six weeks and two days pregnant.

The taxi driver was then arrested after questioning the teen.

The man is presently out on $50,000 station bail pending advise from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) who will decide whether or not charges will be instituted against him.

Investigations are ongoing.


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