Multi-million losses as three buildings destroyed in Kitty fire


Fire, Police and GPL personnel had their work neatly carved out this morning as a raging fire destroyed three buildings and threatened several others at Sandy Babb and Railway Streets, Kitty.

Millions in assets went up in flame this morning when one business and two residential buildings went up in flames. The blaze started just after 1 am today (Friday, February 10, 2017).

The fire which reportedly started in the centre building completely destroyed the three.

While it is being claimed that the fire tenders arrived without water, Divisional Fire Officer, Campton Sparman told the News Room that the claims are furthest from the truth.

Asked what their challenges were last night, Sparman said that open water spaces were several streets away and the close sources were filled with silt. That was coupled with the absence and/or non working fire hydrants as well as power cables.

Sparman told the News Room that based on the assessment by the Guyana Fire Service, the outcome of the fire would have remained the same given the wooden buildings.

The remainder of the three buildings


He is of the view that the Fire Fighters did a commendable job in containing the fire to the three buildings, adding that when they first received the call and arrived on the scene, two of the buildings were already engulfed.

During a revisit to the location later Friday morning, those who occupied the buildings were left pondering their next move as the Power company attempt to deal with damages to their system.

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