Smart City distances self from “disgraceful” comments made by ‘Ifa Cush’


Smart City Solutions (SCS) in a statement today distanced itself from statements made by its initial negotiator, Ifa Kamau Cush.

Smart City Solutions Managing Director of Business Development, Mr. Amir Oren, and    Managing Director of Operations, Mr. Simon Moselle, says it “wish to condemn in the strongest possible terms, an utterly obscene and despicable statement issued by Mr. Ifa Kamau Cush.”

It further notes that this statement was issued without knowledge and authority of the company, adding that “Mr Cush neither speaks for nor represents Smart City Solutions.” As such the company says it “wishes to disassociate itself completely with this disgraceful statement issued by Mr. Cush.”

Cush quoted by MAPM

In several facebook posts over the course of yesterday and last night, Cush attacked persons who are part of the Movement Against Parking Meters.

In his comments, Cush referred to the protestors as “freeloaders” among other things which many persons took offense to.

“You’re not progressives, You are freeloaders. You lack the intestinal fortitude to control your own destiny. You all possess the mentality of slaves, indentured servants, incapable of generating wealth and building capacity” Cush said in one of his many ramblings.

Over 100 protesters turned out on Thursday (February 09, 2017) to support the movement against the project, calling for a total revocation of the contract.

Smart City Solutions says it fully recognizes the “democratic right of all persons and organizations to express their views, disagreement with and, indeed, protest against any matter” and it is entirely permitted to freedom of speech.

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