Beterverwagting fire reportedly started by jealous partner


By Leroy Smith

Guyana Fire Service and Police Detectives are working on the theory that the Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara fire which claimed the lives of Nakasia Pollard, 4 years, Latoya Telford, 27 years and Leonard Pollard, 36 years, was set by Pollard himself.

The tragedy took place at Lot 1 Railway Embankment, BV, East Coast Demerara.

This information was shared with the police after relatives close to the family indicated that the two adults were having infidelity issues where Pollard suspected that Telford was having an affair. Pollard was unemployed.

Speaking with the News Room this morning at the Beterverwagting Police Station, Leon Pollard told the News Room that the two had three children together. They have been having issues for some time now due to the inability or reluctance of his older brother to be employed.

He explained that he lives downstairs while Leonard Pollard, the children and their mother lived upstairs. The woman would pack up her things and leave the house often and they would usually encourage Leonard Pollard to let the woman leave.

He was also said to be making moves to secure custody of his children, although he was not employed.

Early this morning, it is believed that the man killed the woman and the child and then set the house alight before killing himself. Persons suspected that he may have also barred the doors from within to prevent them from getting to safety.

One man who attended the same church with the now dead man said that he always appeared to be troubled and would advise him to “keep the faith.”

Because of the back and forth between the now dead woman and the man, her relatives were not speaking with his relatives.

This morning, one of Pollard’s relatives indicated to the News Room that he is already receiving threats from the dead woman’s relatives.

Leonard Pollard, according to his younger brother attempted to take his own life in the past.

When the charred remains of the three were removed from the home this morning by fire fighters, the woman was clutching her child while the man was by himself.

They were all burnt beyond recognition. The investigations are ongoing.

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