MAPM opts for town hall meeting with Mayor; rejects closed door talks


The Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) has rejected a proposal by the Mayor of Georgetown to attend a meeting with a “handful” of its organisers on Monday (February 13, 2017).

According to MAPM “We do not feel that a handful of the organisers meeting with the Mayor for closed-door talks is in keeping with our call for full transparency on this burning issue.”

Instead, MAPM has opted to invite the Mayor to a town hall meeting being scheduled for Saturday where members of the public will be present.

Organisers believe that the town hall meeting is the best forum to have discourse since the Mayor is really answerable to the people.

According to the MAPM, which has gained widespread support from civil society and other private entities, it “is only as strong as the number of people coming out on the street protesting the shady parking meter deal. That is really the movement.”

Details to follow regarding this event.

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