Brother of ‘drug mule’ Reg.3 executive asked to vacate government house


The Regional Democratic Council of Region Three has given notice to the brother of former Deputy Regional Executive officer, Ameena Hinds to vacate the state house that he is living in and which was afforded to Hinds by virtue of her position.

The brother of the convicted drug mule was served the notice in January.

This evening Regional Executive Officer Dennis Jaikarran confirmed to the News Room that the notice was sent to the brother of Ms. Hinds and the deadline for him to leave the premises is Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

The News Room has been reliably informed that thus far the young man has not made any attempts to vacate the premises and/ or hand over the keys. Hinds was busted with cocaine late last year in the United States. She admitted to ferrying the drugs for US$ 2500, a fee which was to be collected after dropping the illegal substance off to a third party.

The Regional Executive Officer told the News Room, the notice to vacate the house was not connected directly to the cocaine bust but rather Hinds’ absence from work without leave or notice which resulted in her being fired. At the time she was absent from work and subsequently fired, she was the subject of the drug investigation. The notice was signed by Jaikarran.

According to the senior regional executive, the region has been informed that a new DREO would be appointed and sent to the region shortly and when that is done, his accommodation and office space would need to be ready so that he hits the ground running.

Already the region has taken moves to clear out the office which Hinds formerly occupied. Should the brother of the former DREO fail to comply with the notice, then the region plans to exercise the options available to it. The house is located on the West Coast of Demerara.

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