Community calling for justice in vigilante killing


By Leroy Smith

Residents of Ruby, East Bank Essequibo (E.B.E) are not prepared to give a free pass to the Alliance For Change (AFC) regional councillor and her father who beat a man to death on Tuesday afternoon (February 15, 2017).

22-year-old Shereffudeen Mohamed

During an interview, this morning (Wednesday, February 15, 2017), the relatives of the man and several community members are calling for swift justice to be served.

22-year-old Shereffudeen Mohamed known as “Sheriff” died before he could receive medical attention after being beaten with pieces of wood and then tied up and left on the road corner for almost one hour. He was then rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Councillor with a piece of the wood used to abuse the young man (Centre)

According to the man’s father, Mohamed Nazam, when he asked about the incident, he was told that “Sherrif” was attempting to rob the Councillor. However, he stated that such claims are furthest from the truth as his son is known in the community to be making jokes with persons.

Other persons stated that the woman after she claimed that the young man attempted to rob her was advised to go to the police station but instead she decided to go and inform her father and together they went after him and commit the act.

The 22-year-old man was beaten and then tied him up. Eyewitnesses indicated to the News Room that when the police arrived on the scene, the woman and her father admitted to beating the man. From all indications, no one was aware that the man died from the lashes he sustained to the head and chest and it was only after a young man observed that he was no longer breathing that the police decided to check his pulse.

The two perpetrators remain in custody. The AFC, the political party which the two represents, issued a statement on Tuesday evening expressing sadness at the loss of life and also called for a fair and

The AFC on Wednesday issued a statement expressing sadness at the loss of life and also called for a fair and unbias investigation into the incident.

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