Duncan calls on Mayor Chase-Green to immediately retract “civil unrest” statement


By Stacy Carmichael-James

Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Sherod Duncan is calling for Mayor Patricia Chase-Green to retract her statement accusing him of causing “civil unrest” with regards to the controversial Parking Meter Project.

The Deputy Mayor who was speaking following an event on Wednesday morning said Mayor Chase- Green’s comment is “unfortunate.”

Duncan told reporters that “when I think of people who have incited civil unrest I think of the Enmore Martyrs, Walter Rodney and many other historical figures in our nation’s history and I think also of where they are now and so I think those comments are very unfortunate and I think the Mayor should find an opportunity to retract those statements as soon as possible.”

For an individual of her stature, Duncan said Mayor Chase-Green, without a shred of evidence, should not be making such accusations. He repeated his call for her to retract the statements.

Meantime, pointing to the Ministry of Communities’ aim of promoting transparency and accountability, the Deputy Mayor said the M&CC and other RDCs which fall under the Ministry should exercise these core values.

“We haven’t sat down in a room together and have all the information, to date some councilors have not seen the original contract and now I’m hearing even of a new contract and you see this is because we haven’t had accountability and full transparency,” Duncan stated.

 It was recently reported that the Mayor had blamed Duncan for spreading misinformation with regard to the Parking Meter Project and causing “civil unrest.”

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