GTT begins firing 120 persons as Company restructures


The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) says it expects about 120 positions would be made redundant over the next 12 months.

This comes as the telecommunications services provider is working to restructure the company’s operations aimed at modernizing the company.

In an internal memorandum to all employees today (Wednesday, February 15, 2017), Chief Executive Officer of GTT, Justin Nedd said “We are on the verge of really creating a company that is built for the future and we must position ourselves to ensure that everyone understands his or her role and is driven in the same direction.”

Wednesday’s announcement coincided with the separation of the first 6 employees under the restructuring programme, the company said. The six employees were drawn from multiple departments.

GTT said all employees affected by the restructuring are receiving their full benefits and severance and it will also be providing opportunities for those employees to receive training to prepare them for their new endeavours.

The announcement was anticipated by employees who were briefed by the CEO, in several staff meetings and interactions held over past months, about the need to right size the company to remain viable.

The telecommunications provider said one of its top priorities for 2017 to ensure that the right employees are in the right roles. However, it will be providing more training for employees, better tools and the leadership that would lead to improved productivity.

Through restructuring, GTT expects to be able to meet and then exceed customers’ expectations.

In 2017, the company said it is completing negotiations with the Government of Guyana on a mutually beneficial agreement in the context of the liberalization of the telecommunications sector which will allow GTT the opportunity to operate on a playing field that is level.

In June 2016, some workers of GTT led by the Guyana Postal and Telegraph Workers Union (GPTWU),  protested what was described as “impositions” by the company as it relates to changing employees’ conditions of service. Among the issues listed were the merging of the duties of service centre staff with operating service staff which are two separate portfolios; technicians being forced to work overtime because of understaffing without being compensated; and withdrawal of transportation for workers, which became effective May 1, 2016.

In response, GTT said the company said it cares about its employees and continues to work with them and the union to listen to, and address concerns.

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