Five remanded for killing phone card vendor during robbery


Another five persons have been remanded for the second murder on the Corentyne, just over one week since it occurred.

A Businessman, an estate worker and a painter are among five persons remanded for murdering a phone card vendor on Wednesday, (February 08, 2017) at Adventure on the Corentyne.

Danian Anthony Jagdeo and his wife in happier times

The five accused are 22-year-old Mark Doman of Nigg Settlement, Corentyne, 28-year-old Abdul Zahir of New Scheme Adelphi, East Canje, Berbice and 34-year-old Abdul Azimuller, 24-year-old  Shannon Batson and 19-year-old Satesh Budram, all of Hampshire Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

They were not required to plead to charge which read that on Wednesday, February 08, 2017 they murdered 35-year-old Danian Jagdeo during the course of robbery at Adventure Billage Corentyne Berbice.

During their court appearance before Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at the Whim Magistrates Court, the five men who were charged jointly told the court that when they were picked up that they were severely beaten which resulted in injuries to their bodies.

Shannon Batson showing injuries

Some of the visible injuries include fractured ribs, bruises from gun shots and busted chin among other injuries.

The eight men were picked up at various locations along the Corentyne and according to an investigator, the police in Berbice searched the home of one of the men arrested and found a small caliber weapon with two matching rounds in a room similar to that of which was used to killed 35-year-old Danian Jagdeo of Williamsburg, Corentyne, Berbice who was transacting business at a shop at Adventure on the Corentyne.

Following his death, a post mortem examination was done on Jagdeo’s remains and the result shows that he died from shock and hemorrhage to gunshot wounds. Two warheads were also extracted from his body.

News Room had reported that Joel Soman who is the owner of the shop where the shooting took place, disclosed that at about 15:45 hours on Wednesday, February 08, 2017, Jagdeo had just visited his shop and was transacting business with his wife when a lone gun on a motorcycle entered the shop and placed a gun towards Jagdeo while demanding cash.

News Room was told that at the time of the incident, Jagdeo had a haversack which the gunman took before firing several shots toward the victim and escaping.

After the police were called in, they conducted a search and found the motorcycle abandoned at Friendship Village further up the Corentyne with a fake registration number. A motor car was also impounded several days after the incident along with the arrest of the five suspects who were charged for the crime.

The five accused will return to court on March 4, 2017.

Yesterday (Wednesday, February 15, 2017) five persons were remanded to prison for the murder of 45-year-old Lilawatie Mohamed of Tain, Corentyne, Berbice which occurred at her home on Tuesday, February 07, 2017.

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