Change to Mash parade route not discussed this week by Cabinet-Harmon


Minister of State, Joseph Harmon says Cabinet has not discussed any change to the route of the Mashramani parade contrary to what was reported in sections of the media earlier this week.

Harmon, the Minister who reported on the discussions of Cabinet held on Tuesday (February 14, 2017) lightheartedly said to members of the media that the matter did not come up.

“Well you noted I did not report on that. It didn’t come up at Cabinet so the persons who are saying that Cabinet went one way, they probably have another Cabinet but this Cabinet that I’m reporting on didn’t discuss that.”

Earlier this week an online news agency reported that Cabinet had changed the route for the Mashramani parade but that there was push-back from Nicolette Henry, the Minister with responsibility for Culture.

In early February, Minister Henry and Mash Secretariat Coordinator, Lennox Canterbury had announced that the parade was extended from the initial Stabroek to Durban Park via Brickdam route to now begin at Church Street and Avenue of the Republic.

At Durban park, the bands will be entering from the south-western gate which is nearest to Hadfield Street, after which the parade will “go right around” and exit onto Homestretch.

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