Gov’t donates items to fire victims


The Ministry of Social Protection on Friday donated a list of items to persons affected by the Princess Street fire on the evening of Wednesday, February 15.

Remains of homes destroyed in Princess Street fire

Two homes were completely destroyed at 32 Princess St, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown on Wednesday by fire after one of the residents left a candle unattended and went to fetch water a few houses away.

Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally, made presentations of mattresses, cooking items, inclusive of a stove, and food vouchers to those families affected. The two families, represented by Mark James and Simone Morrise expressed their gratitude to the Minister for her readiness in bringing some sort of relief to them in this time.

Remains of Kitty buildings destroyed by fire

The Minister gave further assistance to another fire victim of Kitty, Ms. Rosemarie Abrams, supplying her with cleaning agents upon her request. Ms. Abrams also requested paint and at the time of the presentation, the Minister indicated that the paint would be supplied to her at a later date.

Millions in assets went up in flame in on the morning of Friday, February 10, 2017, when one business and two residential buildings were completely destroyed at Sandy Babb and Railway Streets, Kitty. Arson was suspected in this incident.

Minister Ally expressed her sympathy to all families affected and gave hopes that this relief would, in essence, be a good crutch in helping them reclaim some semblance of everyday living.

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