Bandits snatch Mings Products cash and cheques


By Leroy Smith
On Thursday afternoon (February 16, 2017), 64-year-old Ivan Carter of Werk-en Rust was robbed of more than $1M in cash and a quantity of cheques, all property of Mings Products & Services Limited.

The News Room was told that just after lunch on Thursday, carter who is employed with the company as a procurement officer was on a motorcycle heading to the bank when the bandits pounced on him. He had moments before collected the cash and cheques from the company’s accounts department to deposit same at the bank.

It was reported that four unidentified men pulled up alongside him in a motorcar with a very unusual registration plate (CCC 0982) and pulled weapons on him.

They exited the vehicle and demanded the bag which Carter had in his possession and made good their escape. An alarm was raised and the police were informed.

Senior police sources are questioning the ability and or boldness of the bandits to be driving around the city in a vehicle carrying a registration series which is not even in existence in Guyana.

Unconfirmed reports are suggesting that the man who was robbed is related to the wife of a very senior government official.

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