Businesswoman denies involvement in Tain Domestic worker’s murder


By Royan Abrams

‘B’ Division commander Ian Amsterdam has confirmed that the woman who is believed to be the mastermind behind the killing of a Tain Settlement domestic worker 45-year-old Leelawattie Mohamed, has been arrested on the afternoon of Friday, February 17, 2017.

The commander also told the News Room that so far detectives have questioned the woman who is the owner of sawmill located and Edingburg, East Bank Berbice (E.B.B) but she has since denied her involvement in the crime.

He added that the woman is currently in custody for further questioning and is expected to be charged with murder early in the new week.

The businesswoman was implicated by a barber, 44-year-old Oliver Permaul who she allegedly shared a relationship with, as the one who hired him to kill 45-year-old Lilawattie Mohamed on Tuesday, February 07, 2017, at her home.

Failing to execute the murder, Permaul hired two other persons who later confessed to the police about the crime. On Wednesday (February 15, 2017), Permaul along with his wife and three others were charged with the murder of Mohamed.

News Room understands that the alleged mastermind who was believed to be hiding out in the East Bank area turned herself over to police at the Whim Police Station with an attorney on Friday (February 17, 2017). She was then arrested.

At about 11:45 hours on February 07,  two men armed with a gun jumped Mohamed’s fence and made their way up the stairs to her home where they started banging on the door. The occupants then began bracing the door from the inside, but the men managed to gain entry into the home and began demanding cash. It was reported that one of the men placed a gun beneath the woman’s neck and told her son who was there to lay face-down on the floor. News Room was told that after Mohamed said she had no money, the bandit pulled the trigger, killing her instantly.

The men then escaped, firing a shot in the air and the police were called in moments later. The woman was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

However, days after the crime, the police in Berbice began looking at other leads since nothing was taken from the house during the apparent robbery. They then got a confession from two of the men who implicated the businesswoman and the barber.

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