M&CC’s move to continue paid parking disrespectful to Chief Justice (ag)- PPP/C


Town Clerk, Royston King has been given until February 27, 2017, to explain to the court why the Parking Meter contract should not be quashed. This was done following an application filed by Attorney Kamal Ramkarran on behalf of Mohendra Arjune in the High Court on February 16, 2017, for the controversial Parking Meter Project to be quashed.

However, the Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green and Smart City Solutions Inc. which is rolling out the project have announced that paid parking will recommence on Monday, February 20, 2017.

The Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) on Saturday evening (February 18, 2017) has deemed this move by the M&CC as “nothing short of brazen, wanton and gross disrespect for the Chief Justice (ag) of this country and Orders of the High Court.”

However, the party is of the view that the boldness exercised by the mayor is fueled by support from Central Government.

“This is symptomatic of the callous disregard that the Government, itself, has repeatedly exhibited for the rule of law,” the party said.

As such, it uses this opportunity to call on the Diplomatic and International Community to recognize “the systematic and the institutionalised undermining of the legal system and the rule of law which are taking place in the country.”

The PPP calls on the Mayor, the Town Clerk and the City Council of Georgetown to respect the rule of law and the Orders of the High Court and to put on hold, the implementation of the parking meter project, until the hearing and determination of the legal proceedings which are pending.

Also in the High Court is an application for Writs of Certiorari and Prohibition against Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan for his approval of the City By-laws that brought the Parking meter project into being, knowing same to be unlawful or without legal effect. This application was made by the New Building Society Limited (NBS), thru Attorney at Law, Pauline Chase. The Minister was given until February 20, 2017, to respond.

Town Clerk, Royston King was also named to be served with a copy of the Order.

Smart City Solutions on Saturday, February 18, 2017 noted that several changes were made during a meeting between the M&CC and the company on Friday, however, during such time as the amendment process of the relevant By-Laws is underway, the current rates and enforcement measures under the existing By-Laws will be in full force and effect.

“Motorists are thus requested to observe the current parking regulations on Monday, 20-February and until such time as the relevant By-Laws have been amended and published in The Official Gazette,” SCS said in its statement.

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