Favourable Presidential third term ruling qualifies other persons to run for office.


The Appellate Court of Guyana today (Wednesday, February 22, 2017) voted two to one that a Presidential term limit is unconstitutional.

Today’s appeal follows a 2015 ruling by Former Acting Chief Justice, Ian Chang on the Cedric Richardson Constitutional challenge filed in February 2014. Mr. Richardson was contending that Act 17 of 2001, which made way for the two-thirds majority of the National Assembly to amend Article 90 of the Constitution,” unconstitutionally curtails and restricts his sovereign and democratic rights and freedom as a qualified elector to elect a specific person to be President.”

However, Act No. 17 of 2001, does not only deal with the third term for Former President Bharrat Jagdeo matter but also sought to also exclude “1.Citizens of Guyana not resident in Guyana on Nomination day, 2. Citizens of Guyana resident in Guyana on nomination day but who have not been continuously resident in Guyana for seven years prior to that date and 3. Citizens of Guyana by registration” from Presidential candicacy.

The appeal to Chang’s ruling was made by Former Speaker and Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman and current Attorney General, Basil Williams.

The judges, Acting Chancellor, Justice Carl Singh and Justice B.S Roy were the two that ruled that in favour of upkeeping Chang’s ruling.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General has indicated that he will be appealing today’s at the Caribbean Court of Justice within 30 days.




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