Many brave weather to continue protest against parking meter project


Even with the threat of rain clouds, persons turned out in their numbers to support the weekly protest by the Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) in front of City Hall on Regent Street, Georgetown.

One representative of MAPM, Chris Chapwanya said the group has recognized over the last several weeks “that the protest, the crowd, the people, they are becoming larger and more diverse” and the protest will continue against the controversial agreement.

“Rain or sun, we are still going to be protesting against these parking meters and we hope that good sense prevails and that this contract is pulled and revoke…I don’t know who besides the Mayor and Town Clerk and their associates are for this project,” he said.

Water Street business representative, Usha Patel

According to one Water Street business representative, Usha Patel who was along with other staff from the entity were dressed in black and white said they “purposely wore black today because we feel that the spirit of Georgetown is actually dying, there is being too many changes.”

She said they joined the protest because “each day there is a new revelation about the contract, new things are coming out, it’s confusing people and now it’s come to a stage where we just want it revoked.”

Meanwhile, elected Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Lionel Jaikarran and outgoing Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan were present at the protest to show their disapproval of the said project.

Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Lionel Jaikarran and outgoing Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan

Jaikarran said the turnout is fantastic since it looks like it keeps increasing every week and he will continue to show his support for the movement since Guyanese have had enough as the contract needs to be rescinded.

“I stick to things that are principled, I cannot go the other way. The same position I hold now, the same position I will hold next month when I am confirmed as Deputy Mayor,” Jaikarran said.

Duncan said he and his replacement believe strongly that they are on the right side of history as persons consistently support the movement against parking meters.

“We said months ago that this contract was shaded in a lot of secrecy and that what we stand for every citizen of this country and town stands for is the transparency for good governance and for accountability and that is what we wanna say and that is why we consistently have been calling for this contract to be revoked” he affirmed.The organisers related that the movement will continue until their voices are heard as many businesses are closing their doors and encouraging their staff to join the weekly protest.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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