Two 18-year-olds among female prisoners pardoned by President


President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, David Granger has pardoned nine women prisoners. The pardons will become effective from tomorrow (Thursday, February 23, 2017) in observance of the country’s 47th Republic Anniversary.

The Ministry of Public Security on Thursday said these prisoners have served the majority of their respective sentences for offences ranging from larceny, assault and unlawful possession of ammunition.

“It is expected that this expression of compassion and humanity by His Excellency will result in families being re-united, and the pardoned offenders leading good and useful lives here on” the statement added.

Article 188(2) of the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana gives the President the right to grant Presidential Pardons to prisoners whom he considered fit and proper to receive such pardons.

The following comprise the nine prisoners from the New Amsterdam Prison namely: Kamla Bisram (30); Malinda Beaton (31); Charissazan Charles (18); Sasha Christopher (18); Jenny Davis (26); Vanessa Frank (26); Barbra Hunte (51); Kamwattie Persaud (23); and Dhanmattie Seenarine (47).

The President for the first time in 2015, pardoned 60 prisoners, both male and female between the ages of 18-24, for Guyana’s 49th Independence anniversary observed on May 26 and 11 female prison inmates for Christmas.

At that time, the President said the persons are those serving short sentences for minor or non-violent related offences and promised to continue this trend annually. Their names were not released to the public, however, more than one of those persons found themselves in front of the courts again, before enjoying a full year of freedom. This saw the practice not continued in 2016 for the country’s 50th Independence Anniversary though the President gave an explanation that no prisoner at that time met the benchmark and he will not free convicted drug traffickers and murderers.

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