PNC/R urges fight against social ills, PPP against political dictatorship on Republic Anniversary


The People’s National Congress Reform in its message to mark the occasion of Guyana’s 47th Republic Anniversary urge that Guyanese work together to rid the country of social ills and promote unity.

“We, as Guyanese, need to redouble our efforts to banish crime, disease, ignorance and poverty. We must strengthen national unity, expand national infrastructure, fortify national institutions, ensure national security and extend public services” the political party and main player in the governing coalition.

On the other hand, the opposition Peoples’ Progressive Party’s (PPP) is more focused on ridding society of political dictatorship.

In a much longer message to mark the occasion, the PPP stated that 47 years after Guyana achieved its republican status, there is “an abundance of evidence which would establish that we are in a strikingly similar position, poised once again to travel the road to political dictatorship.”

It is of the view that the political, economic and social gains made under its administration are rapidly being reversed, alluding to “under-performing” of the sugar, rice, forestry, mining, construction and other productive sectors.

During the presentation of Budget 2017 in the national assembly, it was disclosed that performance in the rice sector declined by 12.8 percent, the sugar sector declined by 18.7 percent, the forestry sub-sector contracted significantly by 33.3 percent and the construction sector declined from a budgeted 10.5 percent to a projected 3.2 percent in 2016. However, the mining and quarrying sector grew by 35.7 percent in 2016.

Therefore, the party said “as we celebrate this significant national event, it is important that we take stock of, from where we have come and where we are, so that we can be focused on the direction in which we would like to move forward.”

This year’s Mashramani is being held under the theme, “Celebration with dignity, liberty and greater unity”.

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