Buxton Bakery goes up in flames


By Leroy Smith

The landmark ‘Benjamin Homemade Bakery’ at 33 Middle Walk Buxton, East Coast Demerara was this morning gutted by fire, even while the operations of the bakery have been temporarily out of service.

Shellon Campbell, a senior staff of the bakery told the News Room that over the past few weeks the Bakery has not been in operation as the facility is under renovations. During this time, she said all baked products are brought from its other branch in Berbice.

Campbell said she was at home sleeping when she received a call informing her that the bakery was on fire. The young lady who has been working at the facility since she left school, indicated that after hearing the news, she panicked and could not exit her home to rush down to the facility.

Electric circuit at the facility

The News Room was told by the woman that all electronic appliances were unplugged which includes those used for production and also for renovations at the facility.

When the News Room visited the location, it was observed that the lone area which has a temporary electric circuit did not indicate that the fire started there; rather, the damages were concentrated onto the front of the building where some appliances were stored.

The bakery has been in existence for a number of years and supplies several neighbouring villages with bread and pastries.

The police and the fire department are continuing their investigations into the fire.

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