Justice Reynolds suggest that City Hall not continue with parts of parking meter operation


By Mark Murray

Justice Brassington Reynolds today (Monday, February 27, 2017) made a suggestion that City Hall discontinue parts of its parking meter operation given the public’s interest in the matter.

The High Court judge heard an application which was put before him to have the entire Parking Meter contract quashed by Attorney Kamal Ramkarran on behalf of Mohendra Arjune on February 16.

Ramkarran explained to the Court that his application is in keeping with the fact that the Council acted outside of its powers to enter into the parking meter contract. According to him, City Hall must erect and maintain the parking meters and if they wish they can get someone to assist.

Smart City Solutions (SCS) Attorney at Law, Stephen Fraser questioned claims that his client is in contempt of Court given the present applications before Justice Reynolds.

Fraser said the City Council is being painted as being in contempt which is far from the truth since his research indicates that an order Nisi operates as a civil proceeding and not as an injunction. He told the Court that he feels City Council as well as Smart City Solutions has been unfavorably and unfairly tainted in the public concerning the matter.

After listening to both lawyers Justice Reynolds even offered that a settlement conference is done concerning the matter.

The High Court Judge even put forward that the Lawyers representing City Hall and Smart City Solutions to ask their principles that parts of their operations be put on hold until the court matter is resolved given the heavy public interest.

Justice Reynolds asked for both sides return on Tuesday, February 28 to present their preliminary arguments of which 15 minutes would be given to both Lawyers as they proceed with the jurisdiction application.

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