Roshan Khan protests VAT on Private Education; to move to Private Medical fees


Businessman, Roshan Khan, today (Tuesday, February 28, 2017) carried out his planned protest against the Value Added Tax on Private Education fees.

Mr Khan was joined by a small number of placard bearing supporters outside the Guyana Revenue Authority’s Camp Street Head Quarters and he promises many more protests to come until Government rescinds its decision which will see private education fees attracting Value Added Taxes.

Section of VAT on Private Education Protest

He says he soon plans to extend his protest to the VAT on private medical fees.

The plan he says is to hold the exercise outside the Ministry of Public Health “to protest against the VAT on medicine, drugs, aspirin.”

“It is total nonsense if you have to tell me and a sick decision; so we’re gonna take these things up. The Government need to withdraw the VAT on these things” he said.

He also added that in lieu of these taxes the Government could “take back their two percent”; referring to the two percent decrease in VAT across the board that was announced by Minister Winston Jordan as one of the measures of Budget 2017.

“From my conversation with people, ‘take back your two percent, we ain want it, we ain wan yuh two percent, tek it, tek it an get big and enjoy all the trips and all the travel and the joy and the good life” he ranted.

According to Khan the good life was promised by Government to all Guyanese but now even the poor are paying VAT on bread and water which he and like minded Guyanese would prefer to have reversed.





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