Department of Environment established to end “ad hocery” in environment & energy sectors


President David Granger, this afternoon at the formal launch of the Department of Environment underscored the need for an institution of this kind to conserve and sustainably manage Guyana’s biodiversity.

The Head of State noted that the Department has work to do since “our environment, our grasslands, our wetlands, our highlands, our coastal zone, our mud flats, our rainforests, our rivers are all under stress or worse, under threat.”

President David Granger

Guyana, he highlighted, possesses a powerful resource, which if efficiently managed requires “national cooperation, national collaboration and national coordination.” President Granger said the Department of Environment was established as a separate entity to keep abreast with current global environmental conventions and regional and national practices, “it is meant to protect our nation’s role and our nation’s place within the Guiana Shield.”

Centrality has been given to the Department’s role by placing it under the Ministry of the Presidency, the President emphasized, noting that the entity is intended to end the “ad hocery” that usually characterizes environment and energy sectors.

According to the President, there were a number of agencies without the means or mechanisms to work together, but by bringing them together, the Guyanese Leader said collaboration and cooperation would be guaranteed.

The Department of Environment is located at 68 High Street, Kingston, Georgetown.

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