Deputy Commander’s fuel probe incomplete


By Leroy Smith

No legal or departmental actions have thus far been taken against Deputy Commander of ‘B’ Division, Errol Watts in connection with refilling of his personal vehicle from the fuel depot at the Police Headquarters in Berbice.

In cases where there are fuel depots in a police compound, the fuel is to be used for the refilling of vehicles registered to the Guyana Police Force and ought to be used in cases of emergencies. In June 2016, Head of the Police Office of Professional Responsibility Heeralall Makhanlall stated that Watts is under investigation for surrounding the refuelling of his private vehicle at a fuel depot in a police compound at New Amsterdam.

Last week, one senior police source told the news Room that there has been advice on the way forward with respect to what sanctions should be taken against the Senior Superintendent of Police. However, there was no clear word on if that advice is being sought by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility, Police Legal Advisor, Police Complaints Authority or the Director of Public prosecution.

While, the Standard Operating Procedures of the force dictates that only vehicles registered to the force should be refuelled at depots, there are special considerations for unmarked vehicles which are used for certain operations to conceal the identities. It is unclear if at the time, Watts’s vehicle was one of these vehicles.

The News Room was able to confirm however that senior police officers of the force do receive a fuel allowance for their private vehicles.

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