No future Chair of GECOM should be subjected to same “harassment and provocation” – Dr. Surujbally


Former Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is of the view that his successor should not be treated the same way he was by political parties as “win or lose, (they)…must be gracious.”

“No chairman should be subjected unabatedly and relentlessly with ever increasing venom to the type of harassment and provocation which are solely based on disgruntlement over the outcome of the polls without reason…it was just terrible”

Right at my assumption to office, some scandalous utterances were made without any truth or evidence

He recounted experiences which range from pickets and protests to spiritual incitation at his home, all in an attempt to reverse decisions taken by him while serving as head of GECOM, noting that “it is heart rending to witness the depth at which political parties can sink as they seek to erode the credibility of a tested and proven elections management body.”

Dr. Surujbally added that while a Chairman should be resolute and fearless, “the subjection of a GECOM Chairperson to continuous abuse must not be considered par for the course” as it does not adhere to the tenets associated with democracy.

Expressing his willingness to work with his successor and while emphasizing that it is a job on which you learn according to your experiences, he also gave some advices. His foremost was “Be resolute, fearless, be quite prepared to tell a president or leader of an opposition, well not crudely but No or Yes.” Whatever decision is made, should be well grounded, he added.

In relation to the Elections body itself, Dr. Surujbally urged the pursuance of Information Technology related improvements so that the body’s efficiency can be boosted, have persons pursue Elections Management at the University so the requisite number of persons are available for work during elections and extension to the GECOM building.

With phrases like “free at last” and “riding into the sunset”, Dr. Surujbally departed from the post of GECOM head yesterday, Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

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