UPDATE: Senior cop detained in AK-47 probe, had several previous infractions


By Leroy Smith

An Assistant Superintendent of Police (A.S.P) whose name was given only as “Denny” is now among several ranks of the force under close arrest for the AK-47 assault rifle which was smuggled out of the Force Headquarters this morning (Wednesday, March 01, 2017).

A.S.P Denny was fingered and interdicted from duty several years ago during the murder investigation of Dweive Kant Ramdass who was killed by members of the Guyana Defence Force. The soldiers took Ramdass off a passenger boat, robbed him of several million dollars which he had in his possession before murdering him.

When the soldiers were arrested, ASP Denny who was a Cadet Officer at the time along with other ranks, reportedly stole a quantity of the money which they confiscated from the GDF ranks. However during the trial, no evidence were given against the police ranks and Denny was reinstated into the Guyana Police Force.

After that incident, a man was arrested with an illegal firearm and when he was questioned by the police, he told them that he was given the illegal weapon by the said ASP Denny. Denny was then placed on close arrest but due to lack of evidence, he was allowed to return to his normal duties.

With respect to the AK-47 that was found in a civilian’s vehicle this morning, moments after it was driven out of the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) compound, ASP Denny is once again fingered.

The News Room has been informed that during the investigations, police detectives took possession of the mobile phone of the civilian and it was found that several calls were placed from the civilian’s phone to the police officer’s force.

The call records show that calls were made before the car drove into the TSU compound, during the period the car was stationed there and shortly after the car drove off from the TSU.

Additionally, police sources have also indicated to the News Room that when it comes to the police corporal who was arrested this morning after the discovery of the weapon, investigations revealed that the corporal’s brother, a Tattoo Artist was arrested and charged for the murder of a Domestic Worker, two weeks ago on the Corentyne Coast.

Initial investigations have thus far revealed that there were several breaches which occurred in the lead up to the civilian’s car gaining access to the police headquarters, the issuance of the AK-47 assault rifle and the departure of the vehicle from the TSU compound.

The police corporal and several others including a corporal were placed under immediate close arrest after the discovery of the weapon. News Room understands that the corporal whose name was given as Shavon Marks has always been under the radar of senior officers at the police headquarters.

Added to that, his frequent use of several heavily tinted vehicles and its access to the police compound raised eyebrows.

Back in 2008, Former Commissioner of Police Henry Greene had ordered two senior officers of the force to remove from the police compound, the vehicles which they were driving as those vehicles were identified as vehicles which were owned and or connected to persons of questionable characters.

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