Town Clerk’s high court application to not have parking meter case heard failed


The court has ruled to that it will go ahead with the case to quash the parking meter contract and decisions taken to implement the project.

The ruling was made by Justice Brassington Reynolds today (Thursday, March 02, 2017).

Town Clerk, Royston King through Attorney-at-law, Roger Yearwood on Monday (February 27, 2017) filed the jurisdiction application questioning whether the case filed by Attorney Kamal Ramkarran on behalf of Mohendra Arjune for the controversial Parking Meter Project to be quashed, could be heard in the High court under the new Civil Procedures rules.

The Judge on Thursday says the High Court can hear the case involving the quashing of the parking meter project and other parts of its operations that is being challenged.

Ramkarran after presenting his arguments before Justice Reynolds was pleased with the ruling since he believed that the court has inherent jurisdiction for such a case to be heard.

Yearwood in his last pitch before the judge’s decision presented several cases and reasons why his client’s application should have been upheld.

Komal Ramnauth who has been at the forefront of the Movement Against Parking Meters said the Court is one the avenues for justice as he welcomes today’s ruling.

Meanwhile, Smart City Solutions Attorney at Law, Stephen Fraser told the Court that he will file the necessary paper work to be added as a party of interest on the case before Justice Reynolds next week.

On March 6 Justice Reynolds will also make another decision concerning Ramkarran’s request for the Court to stop parts of the parking meter project.

On that same day in a separate court matter involving New Building Society as the company seeks to challenge the City’s recently updated parking meter By-laws. Justice Reynolds will begin to hear the facts of that matter.

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