Man sets New Amsterdam businessman’s vehicles on fire


The Police in ‘B’ Division are hunting for a man who set fire to two motor vehicles belonging to the proprietor of a gas station and supermarket in New Amsterdam today (Friday, March 03, 2017).

Business owned by Feroze Mohamed

According to information received, this is the second attack on Feroze Mohamed of Pope and Main Streets, New Amsterdam by arsons.

During a visit to the scene, the two vehicles were already removed from the location and taken for examination at another location in New Amsterdam to determine whether or not they could be repaired.

News Room was informed that the incident took place at about 3:00 hours today (Friday, March 03, 2017). According to persons at the facility, the security guard who was on duty at the premises was asleep when the incident occurred.

Security Guard, Richard Carl

However, the security guard, Richard Carl told reporters that he was doing his routine checks in front of the supermarket when he saw a fair, thin skin unmasked man arriving at the location with a plastic bottle in his hand and started pouring a liquid substance suspected to be gasoline on both motor vehicles.

Carl said the man then lit both vehicles with a lighter before escaping on foot. The security guard apparently did not take any action but said he immediately informed his employer about the situation. His employer then rushed to the scene along with others who removed both motor vehicles from in front of the building to prevent the fire from spreading.

Although the Guyana fire service arrived promptly on the scene both vehicles suffered major damages.

‘B’ Division Commander, Ian Amsterdam told the News Room that his ranks were unable to capture the perpetrator but they are continuing with their investigations.

News Room was told that several years ago, two persons were charged with setting the businessman’s gas station on fire. However, the reasons behind these attacks are unclear.

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