Bandits held 10-year-old at gunpoint while parents hid in room during robbery


By Leroy Smith

A Chinese couple locked themselves in their bedroom while bandits terrorised their children. The bandits even placed a gun to the head of their 10-year-old son to force the business couple out of their room, they, however, stayed put.

This morning (Friday, Mach 03, 2017) at approximately 03:00hrs at Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara (W.B.D), eight gunmen invaded the home of the persons who operates the ‘Ocean Chinese Restaurant’.

Businessman, Sam-Su told the News Room that the men ripped out grills, broke locks and carted off with two iPhones and a computer in the process.

The man not only operates the Chinese restaurant but is also the importer of motorcycles and other parts which are stored in the lower flat of his home.

According to Su, he has been living in Guyana for more than 20 years and this is the first time that he was attacked by bandits. The men who invaded the home made good their escape via a bushy area aback the man’s house.

The men who invaded the home made good their escape via a bushy area aback the man’s house.

During the robbery, a 22-year-old was also tied up with his hands behind his back and his feet bound.

The bandits who attempted to use the children as bait to get the adults out of the room did not speak directly to the adults. It is believed that they chose not to let their voices heard in fear of their voices being recognised by the couple who were locked in the room.

The Businessman also told the News Room that he is of the view that the persons who invaded the home are persons who are in contact with them on a regular basis as they even told the children to not be afraid and that they would not hurt them.

At one point three of the bandits braced the door to the couple’s room but did not manage to gain access. During this time, the businessman used his mobile phone to make contact with the police and some of his friends to come to his assistance.

The couple has made requests in the past for firearm licenses but were denied on every account. The home is also not monitored by surveillance cameras.

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