Giftland Mall renews alliance with Hugh Ross


By Avenash Ramzan

The Giftland Mall has renewed its partnership with its Brand Ambassador, the renowned Guyanese bodybuilding champion, Hugh Arlington Ross.

Ross and Managing Director of the Giftland Mall, Roy Beepat, explained pleasantries and then signed in the dotted line, further solidifying their long-standing relationship on Friday. Beepat, in delivering a short, but stirring address, labelled Ross as one of the unsung heroes of the Land of Many Waters.

“This has been an ongoing sponsorship between the Giftland Group and Mr. Ross for a number of years now, and we really do honestly feel that Mr. Ross is one of the unsung heroes of Guyana,” Beepat related.

He continued, “He is a national hero. His hardwork and dedication to get to the pinnacle of his profession, to represent Guyana on the world stage and the unrecognised accolades that Mr. Ross has brought to Guyana in terms of fame and recognition, I honestly don’t believe in Guyana that we’ve shown him the respect that he deserves. On behalf of Giftland, we try to do our small part to recognise him for the national hero that he is.”

Ross, in expressing gratitude to Beepat, said he has always felt part of the Giftland team, and he will continue to proudly promote the company’s brand for as long as the partnership continues.

“I would like to thank Mr. Beepat and the entire Giftland management for the opportunity to be of service to them. Actually, I do not view it that way (being a national hero). I feel that over the period of time that I have been with them the closeness that has evolved I feel as though I’m part of the Giftland family. Being of service to them does not in any way, shape or form bend me out of shape. I do it with pride and I’ll be delighted to continue doing so for as long as I’m welcomed,” Ross mentioned.

In 2010, Ross created history by becoming the first Guyanese to win the Mr. Universe title in any category. He won the Masters (Over-40) in England.

Ross also won the Musclemania title in the Masters division in 2004. In 2015, the USA-based athlete also was adjudged the best from a field of 11 bodybuilders in the Masters Over-50 category at the 33rd NABBA World Bodybuilding Championships, which was staged at the Dolmen Resort Hotel and Conference Centre in Qawra, Malta.

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