Letter to the Editor: Appointment of two women to judicial offices will resonate beyond the judicial system


Dear Editor,

All of Guyana ought to be proud of the milestone realised by our judiciary on account of the simultaneous recent elevation of two of our outstanding female legal luminaries the Honorable Justices Yonette Cummings-Edwards and Roxanne George-Wiltshire to the positions of Chancellor of the Judiciary (ag.) and Chief Justice (ag.), respectively.

I truly believe that the honour bestowed on these two distinguished women, simultaneously, will resonate beyond the confines of the judicial system and find its way into the consciousness of our womenfolk as a whole. If it is true that women have long broken through the proverbial glass ceiling as far as elevation of high office is concerned, the simultaneous occupation of these two exalted positions in the judicial system, by two women is an accomplishment which, in all likelihood, is not emulated anywhere else in the world.

I believe, as well, that the elevation of two women to these distinguished positions is a reflection of the determination of the administration of President David Granger to enrich the lives and enhance the profiles of Guyanese women. I believe that the elevation of these two women of distinction is but the beginning of the opening up of new avenues of opportunity under this administration.

My own wish, and, I hope, the wish of every Guyanese, is that this development impacts meaningfully on both the consciousness and confidence of every Guyanese women, causing them to become increasingly aware of the fact that gender equality is much more than a mere chimera. My hope, as well, is that the elevation of these two outstanding Guyanese women will create a renewed sense of confidence in the fairness of our justice system.

Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources

Simona Broomes

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