Education Ministry looking to regulate Private schools under new Act


All private education institutions will be regulated under the revised Education Act. This is according to Technical Advisor to the Minster of Education, Vincent Alexander who said the current legislation does not have sufficient guidelines regarding private intuitions.

On Thursday, March 02, 2017, shortly after the Government announced its decision to stand by the implementation of 14% VAT on private education, the Finance Ministry noted that only 20% of the private institutions in Guyana are recognised and registered with the Ministry of Education. Additionally, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) announced that only 57 percent of the private schools are registered with the entity.

According to Alexander, “the Education Act as it does not have sufficient teeth, so to speak, in regards to regulating private schools. It is envisaged that the new Act, will be strengthened in terms of what the ministry can do to regularise private schools.”

Notwithstanding the kind of anticipatory approach, Alexander noted that the ministry has designated an education officer who is responsible for private schools

There is a draft Bill and the intention is that after the Commission of Enquiry (COI) into Guyana’s education system report is completed, the ministry will then be acting on two major documents; the sector’s strategic plan, for which a review will be done, and the finalisation of the draft Education Bill, Alexander stated. After the Bill is reviewed it will be taken to the Attorney General Chambers, then to Parliament for consideration.

The CoI is expected to be completed this month.

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan also disclosed on March 02, that 10% of the private institutions are registered as non-profit organisations, while 14% are registered as profit making organizations. Additionally, it was claimed that 26% of these institutions are registered for and are already applying the VAT for some of their services, and sale of zero-rated items.

 (Modified from GINA)

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