Civilian in AK-47 probe on bail, investigation launched into missing corporal


By Leroy Smith
Today (Thursday, March 09, 2017), police sources confirmed that the civilian who was arrested with an AK-47 rifle last week was placed on station bail.

News Room learnt that after his 72 hours detention period was up, the police concluded that he had cooperated fully and as such, no extension was sought to keep him in custody.

The vehicle in which the gun was discovered, does not belong to the civilian but, to his brother. Unconfirmed reports have suggested that the civilian’s name is Wilson and he is from an East Coast Demerara village.

Meanwhile, following a report by the News Room stating the rank who is responsible for the removal of the rifle has since gone missing, the police issued a press statement confirming the disappearance of the man.

The force said that he was on open arrest and at the time was expected to be in the confines of the Brickdam Police Station.

Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine has since ordered an immediate investigation into the escaping of the rank who the police said left the Brickdam Police Station since Sunday (March 05, 2017).

The Police Office of Professional Responsibility is expected to commence the taking of statements from various ranks, both at Force’s headquarters and within the Police ‘A’ Division compound about what is dubbed “The sweet escape.”

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