New Amsterdam teens arrested for raping schoolgirl


Two New Amsterdam teens are presently in police custody assisting with investigations into an alleged rape incident against a 14-year-old New Amsterdam school girl.

Although the incident took place on Monday, February 27, 2017, it was only reported to the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam on Wednesday, March 08, 2017.

News Room learned that the alleged rape took place in the yard of an abandoned private school located along the Vryheid Village Public Road, West Canje Berbice.

The girl related to police that at about 21:00 hours on the day in question, the teen was walking along the public road in New Amsterdam alone on her way home when two young men on a bicycle confronted her.

The suspects have been identified as 18-year-old Sheldon McPherson of Amsville Housing Scheme and 18-year-old Orson Stewarts of 42 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice. It is alleged that after intercepting the teen, they forced her onto the pedal cycle and took her to the abandoned private school where they placed her to lay face down in the grass before taking turns to have sex with her.

News Room understands that the ordeal lasted for approximately thirty minutes.

However, it is unclear as to why the matter was not reported to the police on the day it occurred.

After the report was made to the police on Wednesday, the teen was escorted to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where a doctor on duty conducted and examination and confirmed that she was raped.

The police subsequently arrested the duo.

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