AK-47, M-70 Rifles were used, serial numbers in tact


By Leroy Smith

The News Room has been able to confirm that the AK-47 assault rifle and the M-70 Automatic rifle which were found at a businessman’s house in Meten-Meer-Zorg Thursday afternoon, were used.

Weapons discovered on March 09, 2017

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Leslie James during an on-camera interview Thursday night, there is no doubt that the weapons were fired in the past.

He also confirmed that the serial numbers for both weapons are intact.

Assistant Commissioner James explained that the probe began after police received information that there were arms hidden in the house.

The police swooped down on the location, took the homeowner into custody and walked him through the house. During that exercise, the man appeared to be operating with ease when he was taken to certain parts of the house, but when taken to the kitchen, he began acting nervous, raising the officers’ suspicion that the weapons were stored there.

Christopher Small


The weapons were discovered under a stove in the kitchen, after which the man was taken into custody.

When the News Room visited the home of the man last night, we observed that he operated a restaurant and Tint shop in the lower flat of the building.

The place was shut tight even as persons in the area carried out their business as usual. One man who worships at a Mosque nearby said the businessman whose name was given as Christopher Small also known as “Smallie”, operates his businesses without invoking any suspicions of being involved in illegal activities.

Small was confirmed to be the ex-son-in-law of a popular auto-dealer.

The police would be working to see if the weapons were fired any time during the crime wave Guyana experienced several years ago, as according to one police source, the man is known to have links to some very familiar characters during that era.

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