Corporal accused of smuggling AK-47 not on run but on 14 days sick leave


By Royan Abrams

Police Corporal, Shevon Marks who is under investigation for the alleged smuggling of an AK-47 out of the Force’s Headquarters, has provided a copy of his medical certificate showing that he is currently on 14 days sick leave as opposed to having escaped police custody.

The Guyana Police Force yesterday (Thursday, March 09, 2017) issued a press statement in which it says Marks “who was under investigation in connection with a high powered rifle and who was under confinement at Brickdam Police Station, has since escaped and all efforts are on stream to locate him.” The GPF added that the Subordinate Officer, based on initial inquiries seemed to have disappeared sometime on Sunday night last (March 05, 2017), but the matter was officially reported to Police Headquarters about 15:00hrs on Wednesday (March 08, 2017).

However, after various media outlets published this information, Marks reached out to journalists in Berbice to bring some clarity to the issue, noting that the allegations made out against him are completely false.

A relative of Marks whose name we cannot disclose at this point has since told media personnel that he was on open arrest and was told by a senior rank and the Brickdam Police Station to go home on Friday last (March 03, 2017) and return the following morning. News Room learned that upon his return, he was told by the senior rank that it was important that he return every day to work. Marks who hails from Berbice then asked about accommodation and was told to make use of what was available.

Medical Certificate provided by Marks

News Room was informed that the senior rank approached Marks again before he left to return home and emphasised that he must return every day at the Brickdam Police Station at 06:50 hours.

However, on Monday, March 06, 2017, the embattled officer reported sick at Brickdam Police Station after a doctor examined him in Berbice and recommended 14 days of sick leave.

This news entity understands that Marks did the necessary paperwork per the standing orders of the Guyana Police Force, provided a copy of the medical certificate and sent relevant messages to the senior officers at the Brickdam Police Station, informing them of the new development.

Additionally, News Room was provided with a copy of the medical certificate which indicates that Marks was examined by a doctor on Monday, March 06, 2017 at Bush Lot Village, Corentyne, Berbice and was indeed granted 14 days sick leave.

However, the Officer is contending that it was following a confrontation he had with another senior rank at the Brickdam Police Station that these allegations were made out against him.

News Room learned that the Senior rank had expressed that he is not pleased with the fact that Marks was allowed to move as he likes. Therefore, the rank threatened to “put a stop to it” and further told Marks that he was waiting for something to go wrong so that he (the senior rank) could place his hands on him.

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