Marlon Jacobs: Bringing ingenuity and an international sizzle to the local party scene


The local party promotion scene has found itself with a new trendsetter and his name is Marlon “Freedom Boss” Jacobs.
In a short space of time, Jacobs has been able to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that he possesses the skills, the ingenuity, the swag and the international pizzazz to offer Guyanese revellers entertainment that can be of great quality while being scandalously satisfying.
With his crew called, “Freedom Family Promotion” the 23-year-old has already bagged numerous successful events as a testimony to the new level he intends to take Guyanese entertainment.
Jacobs who holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Albany said that he draws his inspiration from his second home which he has in the USA.
He has been living there for some time. He shared with the News Room that he migrated from Guyana when he was a third form student at the St. Joseph’s High School. Prior to that, Jacobs grew up on the East Coast Demerara with his grandmother as both of his parents were overseas.
The entertainer said that he began promoting events when he was in college. Jacobs stated, “I think promotion chose me because I was always the center of the party in college”. He further added, “Everybody had a trade; so to speak, my friends would cut hair and so on campus my responsibility was to promote events.”
The young promoter also hosted a radio show, “Spill the Tea” on 6Vibes radio. The show was aired every night from 10:00hrs to 12:00hrs and based on drama relatable topics. Jacobs mentioned that he first did radio in college, “but never spoke on the radio because I was shy”.
He said that he fell in love with promotion but does not plan on making a career out of it. He said, “I would like to excel in my field of study and fully utilise my degree”, and “for now promotion is what I’m doing”.
Jacobs shared that he, along with Alistair Blackman and Leon Leung started Freedom Family Promotion. They mostly promote night life events, but were also involved in charity events and fun day activities. The first event held in Guyana by the group was at Monaco Club on Sheriff Street, Georgetown and was called “Freedom.” There were also events in Linden and Berbice, and all were proven to be successful. Jacobs said that they would have done shows with several international acts like Demarco and Patrice Roberts to name a few.
He said that with every event the crowd increased indicating that his style and party concepts were being accepted with open arms by the Guyanese partying populace.
Jacobs’ advice for young upcoming promoters is to not give up no matter what. He said that the older promoters and the veterans will obviously give a fight.
He said, “Although I get a lot of fights, I still don’t give up and I try harder to find different ways to promote”.
Jacobs said that the best part of promoting is actually seeing people that “you reach out to, come out and support you because sometimes strangers support you more than your friends and family.”
Jacobs and his crew also do events every month in New York.
He also works with 93.1 Real FM and Hits and Jams (HJ) Entertainment in Guyana.

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