Victims should not be victims twice- Maxine Graham


By Leroy Smith

Today (Friday, March 10, 2017) the Guyana Police Force officially included 85 new ranks as part of its gazetted members of the Force.

The new constables represented three courses which have been in training for the past four months.

In her feature address to the ranks, Assistant Commissioner of Police Maxine Graham told them that they ought to allow their decisions during their career to be guided by reason and evidence.

Graham warned the constables against making decisions based on their emotions. She said that police ranks should not make victims feel like victims for the second time whenever they come into a police compound or facility.

Meanwhile, Force Training Officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Williams today reminded the gathering that the Force has a strict policy against visible tattoos and the use of narcotics.

He said that during the period that the new constables were preparing for their passing out parade, one of the ranks was absent for the entire period.

When they finally caught up with him, it was found that he had been using narcotics. He was immediately dismissed and while his colleagues were graduating today, he was making his exit from the organization.

The new ranks would be adding to the manpower of the GPF and are joining at a time when the organization has been weeding out corrupt and unprofessional ranks.

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