M&CC announces 50% reduction for Prepaid Parking Meter cards


Amidst calls for the quashing of the Parking Meter Project, the Georgetown City Council has announced a 50% reduction for Prepaid parking cards.

Through the Council’s Facebook page on Friday evening (March 10, 2017), it was noted that prepaid metered parking cards valued at 5,000+ VAT would be sold at 2,500+ VAT.

Meanwhile, cards valued at 10,000+ VAT will be sold at 5,000+ VAT.

Following a meeting between President, David Granger and the Mayor and Town Clerk of Georgetown in February, it was promised the parking meter fees would see a 50% reduction. This is among a series of other changes.

According to a document presented to media personnel, it was noted that motorists purchasing parking for 8 hours or more would see a reduction of their rate by 50%.

Concerning enforcement, changes were also presented including a grace period of 15 minutes before clamping of the vehicle, if the parking time has expired. Several drivers had complained that the attendants proceed to clamp their cars are while they are on their way to pay the machines now referred to as the “green monsters.”

There are currently two cases engaging the Courts in connection with the project. However, the Court has also ruled against the project being halted until those cases are completed.

Simultaneously, Smart City Solutions, the company which is rolling out the initiative is not giving up its fight to convince persons that paid parking is the best way forward for the city.

SCS is rolling out its geoPark Education Campaign. The Campaign seeks to educate the public on the benefits of metered parking, use of the parking meters and further establish a platform for dialogue and engagement on various aspects of the project, through booths across the city. It is being rolled out between the hours of 10 am -5 pm from Monday to Saturday and is expected to continue throughout the year of 2017.

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