Police prevent ex-convict from executing Corentyne businessman; Search on for mastermind


By Royan Abrams

The Police in Berbice were able to arrest a man who has since confessed that he was in the process of conducting a robbery and execution, of a popular Corentyne Businessman.

The man identified as Curtis Fraser was arrested on Thursday, March 09, 2017, with an unlicensed firearm at Hampshire Village on the Corentyne.

Fraser was previously convicted of armed robbery and was recently released from prison.

According to the Commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam, at about 16:30 hours on Thursday, a Constable was driving a motor car west along the Albion Public Road when he noticed a silver grey Toyota Premio, bearing registration number PPP 2239 being driven by 23-year-old Daneshwar Seitaram of Port Mourant.

News Room was told that the motor car made a U-turn to head in an eastern direction, and in the process hit motorcycle CG 2893 causing it to lose control and fell on the northern parapet. The motorcyclist took off his helmet after which the constable recognised him to be Curtis Fraser, who was recently released from jail for armed robbery.

As a result, the police constable stopped to observe the movements and noticed the driver of the motor car questioning Fraser if he was ok. However, the police constable became suspicious of Fraser’s action after he entered the motor car leaving his motorcycle on the roadway, heading in the eastern direction. The constable then decided to follow the motorcar unnoticed.

News Room learnt that after reaching the Hampshire Ball field, the motor car stopped and Fraser exited the left rear seat and took out a shiny object from his waist after which the constable shout at him. He threw the object into a nearby trench, but it landed in a clump of bushes.

According to the ‘B’ Division commander, the police constable then approached Fraser, arrested him and took him to the location where the object was thrown. It was discovered to be a .38 revolver with five matching rounds.  Fraser was told of the offence, cautioned and taken to the Albion Police Station for further questioning.

It was at this point that Fraser admitted to police that he was hired by a Jamaican to kill a popular businessman in Rose Hall Town.

“They had a plan, and they were supposed to go and execute it in Rose Hall where a businessman was supposed to be executed and robbed. I understand that it was a plan that was initiated by a Jamaican, who would have alleged that the businessman would have did business with him and owed him some money, and therefore the Jamaican had arranged that hit on the businessman.” He added

Amsterdam disclosed that two other persons who were part of the plan have since been arrested, based on the information provided to the police by Fraser. He related that they are conducting further investigations to track the Jamaican who is believed to have left the country.

“We are now talking to the businessman to see what concrete information we can get so that we can see how we going deal with this case,” Amsterdam said.

So far the police have recovered the gun and a stolen motorcycle.

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