GBBFF ExCo making moves to strengthen local bodybuilding


By Treiston Joseph

The new Executive Committee (ExCo) of the Guyana Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GBBFF) is all work and little talk, and showed just that by starting their march to improving the sport, strengthening ties in outlying regions of Guyana, beginning with Berbice on Saturday last.

Members of the newly elected ExCo, including President Coel Marks and Vice-President Seon Satrohan, made a visit to Corriverton where they met with the Mayor of the town, Ganesh Gangadin, along with stakeholders of the sport in the area.

The meeting focused on areas of the sport that can be improved upon, especially in the area of Berbice, along with pinpointing persons who can form a local committee in the area. Marks outlined the direction he wants to take the federation, which he stressed is along the line of transparency.

Gangadin, along with popular event organiser, announcer and former weightlifting champion, Linden “Easy” Murray, also outlined a few concerns, such as education for athletes and trainers, in addition to the hosting of more events before committing to giving the federation their support for the sport.

Marks, who noted that he wants to repair broken connections, shared his thoughts with News Room Sport on the success of the meeting.

GBBFF President Coel Marks (left) and popular gym manager Parshad Ishmael aka ‘Chewie’ exchange pleasantries after talking about gym life in Berbice

“Essentially, we succeeded with what we came here to do, which is to strengthen and renew the ties with the Berbice contingent in bodybuilding. We met with some really key stakeholders in the sport and they have committed tremendously to our agenda and we are definitely pushing forward in the right direction,” Marks explained.

He continued, “Based on the feedback we got from the meeting everybody involved was very enthused and we see the connection made with the municipality aspect of it in addition to key stakeholders we will definitely strengthen the nexus with Berbice and move forward on the right footing.”

Gangadin shared his enthusiasm about the meeting, “I’m happy we have had engagements with the federation, something was needed for a long time. We have had athletes here competing successfully, but because of the absence of the formed structure, we are happy that this meeting took place because it lends some formality to the sport and we hope for more fruitful engagements and I really hope their efforts bear fruit for them, but I am really looking forward to working with them in the future.” 

Murray was also happy to be part of the meeting and noted that members of the new ExCo are really injecting their youth into their efforts, which is needed in all sport disciples. 

Meanwhile, Satrohan assured the Berbice stakeholders that the federation will hold true to their word as they look to build the sport to new pinnacles in Guyana and beyond.

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