Relatives of shot taxi driver have doubts of fair investigation


By Leroy Smith

The relatives of 46-year-old Kenneth Hoyte have immense reservations that the investigations surrounding his shooting on Sunday, would be one that is fair and unbiased.

Deputy Commander, Calvin Brutus and Pastor, Ewort Williams comfort the daughter of the injured man on March 13, 2017

They have expressed this view given that the person at the centre of the investigation is a police rank and more so, the driver of a Former Commissioner of Police.

However, during a visit to his bedside today (Monday, March 13, 2017), and a meeting with his relatives, Senior Superintendent of Police and ‘A’ Division Deputy Commander, Calvin Brutus told the News Room that the investigation would be a fair one. He has since assured the man’s relatives of this.

“Understandably so, they have expressed some concerns with respect to how this investigation would go because of who is involved but I have assured them that all statements from eyewitnesses would be taken and CCTV footage from the area would be collected to aid in this investigation,”  Brutus related.

He explained that Monday’s visit also shed some new light on the accounts of what transpired on Sunday (March 12, 2017), when the man was shot in the vicinity of La Penitence Market. He added that based on the new information at hand, it exposes the immediate need for some reviews of the Special Operating Procedures (SOPs) within the force when encountering situations like the one the policeman faced on Sunday.

Yesterday (Sunday, March 12, 2017), Hoyte who vends at the La Penitence Market was shot twice by a Corporal, Morris Williams, who was chasing after two suspected bandits. The bandits had just snatched a gold chain from Williams who was dressed in his plain clothes.

The wife of the injured man speaking with the News Room on March 13, 2017

New information reveals that Hoyte, after hearing the sound of gunshots, lay flat on the ground to avoid being hit, but the policeman reportedly went over him and discharged his weapon at him, hitting him in the process.

Hoyte would have already undergone surgery for his injuries, and a bullet was removed from his leg. The News Room has been informed that his left hand may not be able to function properly after he recovers from this medical treatment, as a bone was reportedly shattered.

Today (Monday, March 13, 2017), the man’s reputed wife of six years, told the News Room that she needs justice as she cannot understand how an officer would stand over an unarmed person and discharge rounds at him or her.

She said that her husband is the bread winner of the home and while he works taxi and does delivery of food, she sells at the Mahaica Market and the La Penitence Market, so that they can pay their car instalment, mortgage, and also provide for their home.

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