Venezuelan vessel sinks off the coast of Guyana


By Leroy Smith

A Cargo Vessel bound for Venezuela recently went under water shortly after it left the shores of Guyana.

The News Room understands that the incident occurred since last Wednesday (March 08, 2017), approximately three miles out in the Atlantic Ocean. However, it was only recently that the matter was reported to the police.

According to police sources, the vessel, MV Donna Martha, began encountering problems and water started entering the ship. Subsequently, the entire crew who are Venezuelans abandoned ship and made their way to safety.

It was only recently that word got back to the authorities of passers-by helping themselves to rice from the partly submerged abandoned vessel. This led to the police quickly mobilising themselves with other relevant departments and travelled to the location.

The Venezuelan crew is to return to Guyana today (Tuesday, March 14, 2017) for questioning, and to provide the police with statements on the incident.

The vessel is registered in Venezuela. however, there are conflicting reports in relation to whether it would have entered and left Guyana legally. It is alleged that though Guyana and Venezuela no longer trade rice for fuel under the Petrocaribe agreement, the two countries have still been supplying each other with the goods.

The investigations are ongoing.

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