6-1 win for Sparta Boss as Petra Futsal starts


By Treiston Joseph  

The Petra Futsal competition kicked off on Monday night with Sparta Boss displaying their goal scoring prowess at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue. There was no stopping Sparta Boss, who literally showed how much of a well-oiled machine they are with a 6-1 win against Globe Yard to get their campaign up and running. 

There is no better way to start your campaign than with the fastest goal in the tournament and Gregory ‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson rocked the net three seconds into the game. 

Richardson would go onto score a hat-trick with two other goals in the 10th and 16th minutes, while Devon Millington was also instrumental with a hat-trick of his own in the eighth, 20th and 23rd minutes. Globe Yard’s only goal came in the ninth minute from Rolex Smith. 

Tucville and Kitty Weavers had the best match of the night with Tucville emerging victorious with a 7-5 win. Dennis Edwards (2nd and 9th), Jermin Junior (5th and 15th) and Delon Williams (18th and 26th) all scored doubles, while Tefon Daly scored his lone goal in the eighth minute for the winners. 

Broad Street Bullies also displayed a likeness for the back of the net with a 6-1 win against Channel-9 Warriors. Keiron Solomon was the man in form with a hat-trick to lead the way for Broad Street with goals in the seventh, 11th and 24th minutes. Jimmy Gravesande (8th), Rocky Gravesande (10th) and Lennox Cort (23rd) had solo efforts in the match. 

Meanwhile, in other results, North East La Penitence topped Leopold Street 2-1, while West Back Road outplayed Festival City 2-0. Agricola Champion Boys also had a 3-2 win over North Ruimveldt. 

During the game, Organiser of the tournament, Troy Mendonca, spoke on the opening night, “We are piggy backing a tournament that we just concluded and as you can see we got a great response, but I also think the structure of the tournament provides its own excitement; we are seeing that with the support.” 

Action in the tournament will continue on Thursday evening at the National Gymnasium from 19:00h.

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