Gov’t to address misuse of hinterland roads


The Government of Guyana, through the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, will be taking a firm stance against mining and mining-related operators who have caused significant deterioration of roads in the hinterland regions.

According to the Ministry, efforts made to rehabilitate the corridors, thereby improve the comfort and safety, of those living and working in the hinterland regions have been counteracted by the operators

Private mining or mining-related businesses who choose to use overladen trucks on the roads and engage in other forms of misuse contribute to shortening the lifespan of the roadways, the Ministry said.

Damages caused by overladen trucks (Public Infrastructure Ministry photos)

It was outlined that $54.5M was spent in 2016 to repair the Puruni – Itaballi Corridor. This corridor is still under its maintenance period. Further, in 2017, $100M was allocated to improve the Puruni – Pappishou Corridor.

It was also noted that the misuse of these roads, is in contravention of the Road Users’ Agreement with the Guyana Gold & Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA), the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

While the agreement notes that the Government of Guyana will use its best efforts to keep the road maintained in good condition at all times, the Ministry is urging road users to play their part by adhering to stipulations such as the prohibition of vehicles weighing more than 60 tonnes crossing Itaballi – Puruni bridges.

Additionally, the agreement notes that users shall be liable to Government for any damage to Government’s property caused by the negligent use of the roadways by their employees and/or their agents, the Ministry highlighted.

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