Validation of Social Cohesion Strategic Plan scheduled for tomorrow


By Stacy Carmichael-James


The Ministry of Social Cohesion’s Validation Workshop scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday, March 15, 2017) at the Marriot Hotel, Kingston is aimed at enhancing social cohesion in Guyana and follows a series of consultative sessions.

Subject Minister Dr. George Norton during a press conference on Wednesday said some 30 consultative sessions were held in all municipalities and the ten administrative regions. The discussions revolved around five themes which were developed following the 2015 Social Cohesion Roundtable.

These include the promotion of economic equity and opportunities for all, enhancement of citizens’ safety and security, promotion of social inclusion and tolerance, strengthening of inclusive and participatory governance and promotion of harmonious ethnic and race relations.

Along with the face to face consultations, Dr. Norton said media consultations were held on radio and Facebook, specifically targeting the youth. He said his ministry is indebted to the United Nations Development Programme for assisting both technically and financially to the process.

During the one-day event, the relevant stakeholders will be validating the draft plan which was posted online for a period of one-week last month to allow persons to share their concerns and make recommendations so that these could be considered during the Validation Workshop.

 The consultant is one, Dr. Theo Gittens and according to the Programme Coordinator, Ms. Sharon Patterson the next step is finalizing the document and once that is completed engagement will be continued with stakeholders.

Patterson said the aim is getting the citizens to understand what diversity is and the Ministry would like to help in getting them to understand how to coexist.

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