GDF fires four ranks amidst rape investigation


By Leroy Smith

A Corporal and three Privates were last week fired from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF). This was confirmed by Chief-of-Staff, Patrick West.

The men are accused of bringing the force into disrepute after they were embroiled in a rape scandal. The allegations which stated that the ranks engaged in sexual activity with a Timehri young lady without her consent, are engaging the attention of the police and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) chambers.

Several weeks ago, the police and GDF launched separate investigations into allegations levelled against the ranks who were stationed at Camp Stephenson.

The Board of Inquiry which was set up by the GDF found that it was the corporal who had sex with a female against her will, while the three privates failed to stop the incident.

When asked by the News Room if he believes firing the men without the legal advice from the DPP on the matter breached their rights, the Chief of Staff responded in the negative. According to West, the firing came because the men contravened the standing orders of the force, including committing a civil offence and breaching the security of the base, among other things.

By their dismissal, the men have lost their benefits accumulated while serving in the Guyana Defence Force.

The recommendations for the dismissal of the men were made by several different unit commanders within the force after the findings of the Board of Inquiry were presented.

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