Watts fuel probe concludes, departmental charges recommended


By Leroy Smith

The Police Office of Professional Responsibility has recommended departmental charges be instituted against Deputy Commander of the Police ‘B’ Division, Errol Watts.

Senior Superintendent Watts was the subject of an internal investigation after it was found that he was fuelling his private vehicle from a depot inside of the police compound. (Those depots are usually to refuel vehicles which are owned by the police force or other vehicles which were unmarked but are used to carry out functions of the police force.)

The incident took place sometime last year, and an image quickly found its way on social media showing Watts personal vehicle being refuelled.

Divisional Commanders are assigned forced issued cars which are referred to as “Service Cars”, at the discretion of the Deputy Commander. Also, based on the availability of resources; a service vehicle may be assigned to the deputy commanders.

It should be noted, however, while some senior members of the force use their private vehicles to perform police duties, those officers are not issued with fuel allowance for their vehicles by the force.

Now that departmental charges have been recommended against Watts, the Police Service Commission would have to be informed by way of letter.

The News Room was advised that the administration of the force will now have to establish a panel which would determine what form of departmental charges are to be levelled against the senior officer.

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